Golden Lecture Demo

“It is an incredible opportunity for our students and for me when Bonnie visits! Her knowledge is extraordinary: she shares information generously with great enthusiasm, and she is very articulate.”

Bonnie’s free lecture demo about Golden acrylic materials and the incredible versatility of the materials is available to art groups, retail locations and college classrooms. Contact Bonnie if you are interested in this fun-filled, information-loaded, walk-away-wanting-to-paint demo.

Throughout this two-hour presentation, you will hear tons of information about a variety of Golden acrylics and the inherent possibilities of acrylic materials. Extensive information about acrylic paints, gels and mediums is presented, including the new OPEN acrylics. OPEN is designed to stay wet longer than other acrylics, allowing for more control over drying time. Learn about the new Digital Mixed Media grounds, materials that push the versatility of acrylics even further by mixing up printmaking, photography, and painting. You will have an opportunity to feel how paints and gels mix together, as well as see several examples of materials in a variety of applications. See how you can extend your paint to save yourself money and how to mix gels with paints to create gorgeous textures and surfaces on which to paint. Open to all levels of painting experience. Information packets and free samples provided for all attending.