Workshop Descriptions

All workshops are open to all levels of painting experience. You will asked to bring a limited amount of supplies to the class. Be sure to read the materials list! Paints, gels and mediums provided.

All About Acrylics: Essential Acrylic Techniques

If it’s time for you to get your creative juices flowing, then it is time to come explore the world of acrylic painting. Start with learning about the different acrylic paint formulas and which are best used for particular applications. Take time to look at the difference between the matte and gloss gels and what they do to color. Learn about glazing techniques with step-by-step instructions and see how the thin, transparent layers of paint create beautiful images filled with luminosity.

You will have an opportunity to work with and learn about a variety of grounds (surfaces to paint on), some being absorbent and some sealed, or non-absorbent. As you become familiar with different grounds, you will learn what best works for your painting style.

Apply multiple layers of paint and gels and watch your images grow and take on a life of their own.

Clear explanations about the available acrylic materials will be presented throughout the workshop. After spending the day exploring acrylic materials and a variety of techniques, you will have information that will help stimulate some new paintings or get you going on those which you have been stuck.

“I learned a huge amount. I particularly appreciate the exercises and handouts. They will be invaluable references in the future.”

Clean Color Mixing with Acrylics

Discover the beauty of clean color mixing with acrylic paints. Learn the difference between mineral and modern pigments—why some are naturally matte and opaque and mix to a lower chroma, and others are more transparent and mix to create clean high chroma mixtures. Save yourself time and money by knowing which pigments will give you the mixtures which you are looking. Compare matte and gloss mediums and create a series of glazes with them. Have fun with iridescent mixtures, and watch the interference paints flicker like a butterfly’s wings before your eyes.

“Good energy, good instruction and pacing, very positive.”

Gels and GroundsGetting to Know Acrylic Gels and Grounds

Gloss or matte sheen, opaque or transparent ground, textural or smooth surface: all are considerations when working with acrylic grounds and gels. Explore a variety of surfaces on which to paint or draw with different combinations of materials suited to your individual style and imagery. Learn about extending paint (to save money!) and the different uses for gels. Clear explanations of materials used will be presented. Leave with worksheets filled with applications of materials for future reference, as well as a few small paintings.

“A very well run workshop! Learned a ton and tried many new techniques and had fun. Thanks Bonnie—you are a great instructor.”

SurfacesGet Serious About Surfaces

Surfaces you paint on and surfaces you finish with all add to the unique quality of your artwork. You will work on both absorbent surfaces that soften the quality of the paint application, as well as textural surfaces that really pop out at you. Become familiar with a variety of acrylic materials that will be available for you to use as you push your paintings to a new level. Feel the difference between working with the Golden Heavy Body (tube) paints and the new OPEN acrylics which offer you a much longer open time for working with the paint.

“Great class, flowing method of teaching—no boredom or stall. Good information, can be expanded into a new way of creating.”

Mixed Media: Draw and Paint on Glorious Grounds

Mixing up drawing, painting, and collage seems to be all the rage now. Learn about different acrylic grounds on which you can use drawing tools like pencils, oil pastels, and caran d’ache watercolor crayons and paint for a wide range of ‘drop to your knees’ beautiful surfaces. If you haven’t tried Acrylic Grounds for Pastels or Micaceous Iron Oxide for drawing and painting, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wake up some color, make that mark, and create some amazing images. Experimental in nature, this class will give you new ideas for pushing your work in a variety of new directions.

“Very informative, relaxed and a great way to spend the day. I learned a lot about some materials for acrylic painting that I have never used. Thank you.”

Amazing GlazingAmazing Glazing

Looking for ways to add excitement to your acrylic paintings? Using products like Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid and paint, you will work in a step-by-step process to create beautiful images filled with luminosity. You will also use heavy gels and paint to create thick gel surfaces loaded with color and light. Compare both matte and gloss mediums, the difference between the types of pigments, and how they are best used. Learn about and work with OPEN acrylics and see how they stay wet longer for wet-in-wet blending and glazing possibilities. The options are many! See how acrylics can be used in a luscious new way to create more possibilities for your work.

“Exceptional class—exactly the information I was seeking.”

Gel TransfersTransfers, Collage and Mixed Media with Acrylics

Learn different techniques for transferring images (your own drawings or photos) onto acrylic materials and how to work them into your paintings and collages for fun, expressive personal statements. Step-by- step instructions for creating gel ‘skins’ will be presented, and you will make some skins. See what interesting effects you can achieve when directly transferring images onto the surface of your artwork using a variety of acrylic materials. Work with prepared skins and create a whimsical portrait filled with texture and vibrant color by applying multiple layers of paints and gels. Attention to composition, balance, and creating the collage image will be covered, as well as clear explanations about the acrylic materials provided for the class.

“This was the best art class I have ever taken. Bonnie was excellent and I will take more of her classes.”

Fanciful Floral Collage

Bring images of flowers to life by working with acrylic paints, gels and mediums, torn paper collage, and gel skins. Working from a photograph, you will use a variety of materials to create beautiful floral images you can take home and hang on your wall. They will last well beyond the lazy days of summer and brighten up your home during those dark, cold days of winter. Learn how to build up textures and add layers of paints and gels to your canvas to liven up your painting and how to make gel skins to use for collage. Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process. No worries; no painting experience necessary.

“Bonnie is super-gracious, encouraging, great sense of humor, tactfully urging, etc, etc.”

The Painter in You: NO Worries Painting Class

Have you ever thought about painting but have been afraid to start? Now is your chance to take the step and learn about painting in a comfortable and supportive setting. Imagine yourself seated with paintbrushes in hand, acrylic paints and gels available for your use, and the opportunity to manipulate a ton of materials while expressing yourself in a playful manner. Explanations of paint materials and techniques will flow throughout the day as you work on images that will bring you pleasure in just knowing you made them.

“Bonnie was great.”

Reclaim, Recycle, Redo

Have any acrylic paintings sitting around that need some attention? Come to this class and work with all sorts of interesting acrylic materials to add texture, change the colors, add glazing, and change the sheen. Transform paintings you are willing to change and remake them into something new. Bring along other paintings to cut up and collage onto the painting you are remaking, as well as papers or other materials to use for collage-printed materials, cancelled stamps, fabric, ribbons-whatever you think fits. Each student will receive personal instruction on composition and collage techniques. All acrylic paints and gels are provided, as well as some collage materials. Let’s have some fun and move forward with paintings that have had you stumped.

“Bonnie is fabulous, a wonderful teacher.”