“Bonnie Cutts is an exceptional teacher in that she is able to clearly express the merits of a painting structure as well as downfalls. Very animated and likeable. I like her.”

My workshops are intended to be a time for learning, exploration, and fun. Over the course of the day, or days, we work on prepared exercise boards to learn about different acrylic materials and a variety of techniques pertaining to their uses. You will also work on a few small paintings that explore the techniques relevant to that particular class. There is a staggering amount to know about the different ways to use acrylics, and my workshops offer an opportunity to delve into the various products and learn about innovative applications.

While experimenting with materials new to you, you will have an opportunity to ‘play’ with different paint formulas, gels, and mediums so you can get acquainted with them and see what they can do for your artwork. I always say that you are not working on next month’s competition piece, but you will learn the skills necessary to create that new piece of art or body of work.

Come to the classes with questions or come with no knowledge of painting at all, and walk away with all sorts of information and painted surfaces. Learn about a wide range of acrylic paints and gels, and leave knowing what all those jars of products are when you see them in the art supply store.

Leave with confidence that painting can be fun, as well as challenging, and feel a great sense of accomplishment. Find your own comfort level, get your brushes wet, maintain a sense of confidence, and experience something new in each class.

All workshops are open to all levels of painting experience.  Go to to see current listings.

Golden Lecture Demo

Bonnie offers a free lecture demo about Golden acrylic materials and the incredible versatility of the materials is available to art groups, retail locations and college classrooms. Learn more about this fun-filled, information-loaded, walk-away-wanting-to-paint demo.